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3D Motion Graphics, Animation, Short movies

  • 3D Motion Graphics, Advertisements

  • Educational and Training Shorts, and Tutorials

  • Business or Company Representative Clips

  • Product or Service Animations for Broadcast

  • Media Animation and Special FX Footage

FRAXYS Ltd. – 3D motion graphics – is a provider of all types of Advertising, Educational or Business shorts, service or company promotional, training or information videos. Movies for TV, Web, and Cinema in any resolution (incl. 4K) and with professional music, dictions, and sounds. We are educated and experienced in Directing for 3D animation and Motion Graphics enhanced videos, including Safety Clips, Promotional/Brand films, Architectural Visualizations, and Financial Results Movies. Our crew of Directors, Animators, and Illustrators await any task for a new visual challenge as an opportunity to showcase their exceptional abilities behind the screen.

3D Motion Graphics or the Symbiosis of Graphic Design & Animation

What are Motion Graphics? Motion Graphics Animation is a mixture between graphic design and animation. It consists of moving graphical shapes usually created with a 2d editing/compositing software. FRAXYS presents 3d Motion Graphics wich are complete moving images mixed with video footage, 3d animation, special FX and/or even photographs. You can order your 3d Motion Graphics clip here now.

3D Motion Graphics - animation movie storyboard

What about sound?

Good music is more than entertainment – it puts your projects onto a solid emotional foundation. It creates an environment that greatly amplifies the message you’re seeking to deliver, and it has the ability to surround, touch and guide your recipients. In a market with rapidly evolving technological possibilities and increasing demand for fast and reliable production services, FRAXYS is a strong and experienced partner that can provide your company with all levels of production required for a project with the best auditive set-up.

Order your motion graphics animated movie now!


  • Animated Titles (logo)
  • Up to 10 seconds Motion Graphics
  • Ready in 4 days
  • No sounds included
  • HD video resolution


  • Animated Titles (logo)
  • Up to 20 seconds Motion Graphics
  • Ready in 7 working days
  • Sound effects included
  • Stock music included
  • HD video resolution


  • Animated Titles (logo)
  • Up to 45 seconds Motion Graphics
  • Ready in 2 weeks
  • Sound effects included
  • Stock music included
  • 4K video resolution available
  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • One stock footage clip included


  • Animated Titles (logo)
  • Unlimited Motion Graphics
  • Quick production time
  • Sound effects included
  • Composed Music available
  • 4K video resolution available
  • Custom 3D Motion Graphics
  • Stock footage clips available
  • Scripts and Storyboards
  • Filming available

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3D Motion Graphics, Animation Shorts

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