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We are used to lead our customers in various directions exploring and revealing the best solutions for their business needs. Whether it is a technical decision for connecting a website’s database with an ERP software, or a philosophical concept for a brand marketing strategy, our experts are always focused on delivering the best possible solution right at it’s place.

From Drawing & Design to Cinema & Web

FRAXYS Ltd. works with Art and Entertainment industries such as Cinema, Web, Gaming and Advertising but also Architecture and Printing in order to develop an unique production. Whether it is a Website, Movie, Still Image or a Design – we offer a full development, maintenance and support.


Beautiful Imagery

Images tell a story, share a feeling or reveal information to your viewer. Either one of these, or all of them together we are always striving for hundred percent exceptional representation.

Snatching images influencing you

Regardless what project or business you are ordering for, our task is to work out the best option. Therefore trusting our design advisor will guarantee an easy and pleasant process.

Conceptual Design

It is a common goal for our artworks to provoke thoughts. To make the audience think, not just feel, by assigning new values to old figures and transforming expression from the down to the up.

Ideas Conditioned Design That Matters

Following balance between regulations and innovation we aim at the unusual, strange, extraordinary and impulsive. Positivity stands as a primary virtue in our work.

Corporate Videos

Advertising, Educational or Business shorts, service or company promotional, training or information videos for TV, Web or Cinema in all resolutions along with professional music and sound.

3d Animated Presentations

Company communication at its highest – 3D animation and motion graphics enhanced videos, including safety clips, promotional/brand films, and financial results movies.

Meet Your New Colleagues – Our Team.

Ivan Dinev (din)
Ivan Dinev (din)Founder of FRAXYS & Creative Director
An entrepreneur with comprehensive interests in digital visual expression. His scope of exploration ranges from drawing & design to cinema and web. Aims at an advantageous collaboration and values creativity and innovation. A digital craftsman.
Directing 93%
Leadership 86%
Management 89%
Development 64%
Ruslan Petrov
Ruslan PetrovFRAXYS London Representative
Communicative person, successfully managing any task in a friendly matter. Finance is his passion and there is business running in his veins.
Management 96%
Administration 87%
Marketing 82%
Georgi Iliev
Georgi IlievDeveloper
Sharp programming skills and quick implementation is what defines our development master’s person. He is well organized and agile and will work out every code from zero.
Javascript 95%
CMS 92%
PHP and Databases 87%
Ilia Penev
Ilia PenevDeveloper
From web to embedded systems every bit is important for him. Always open for new coding challenges and passionate about latest technologies.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript 85%
PHP 70%
Embedded systems / C 65%
Аndroid 63%
Management 96%
Administration 87%
Marketing 82%
Milen Milanov
Milen MilanovAudio Engineer
Milen Milanov, known as Darkstep, is an award­-winning sound engineer and producer. With unerring sense of perfect sound and respectful professionalism, he is one of the few craftsmen that are really pulling their own weight.
Music Production 99%
Music Composition 95%
Sound Design 90%
Audio Mixing & Mastering 90%
Michael Ivanov
Michael IvanovMarketing Content Contributor
An entrepreneur who found his main craft is representing certain things in a touching way with words – both in written and verbal form. Through content marketing he strives to set values, our customers can count and rely on!
Creativity 85%
Writing 90%
Marketing 80%
Attention to details 90%
Management 96%
Administration 87%
Marketing 82%
Music Production 99%
Music Composition 95%
Sound Design 90%
Audio Mixing & Mastering 90%

We Are International And Work Globally.

From drawing & design to cinema & web

FRAXYS Ltd. is also a full range advertising provider offering onsite & offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Network Marketing, Link Building, Keyword Research and all other services helping your business grow, with the speed that technology and internet are evolving.

We Are Creative

FRAXYS members are working with psychologists at a special training workshops to develop their creativity.

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We Have Intuition

Intuition and spirituality as a whole have their own places in our hearts. That is what makes us innovative.


We Are Devoted

…to the craft and we love what we do. That is the guarantee for high value of our labour and a quality beyond reproach.

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