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Digital photography is the process of capturing a certain moment, or emotion, with a digital camera and enhancing with photo-editing software. It may sound like everyone can do it…

Let us bring our unique style and process to create a vision of your business that speaks for itself. Here at Fraxys we are dedicated to creating best of class imagery that builds and adds value to your business identity. Images shape websites, prints, and brands in a way words can not. If a change is what you’re looking for, then we will work with you to clearly transform your vision and message to your customers and partners.

Towards Light - digital photo collage
Prelude - Couple going out of a tunnel
Mechanical city - constructional still life


People love watching and sharing videos and there are millions of new clips uploaded to the Internet daily. Can you afford to be anything but exceptional? The dedicated video team at FRAXYS is here to make your brand stand out.

Work with our professionals who have specialized in the field of film production and services such as corporate, documentary and advertising films, but also television coverages, personal video cards, post production, sound design, multicamera shooting sports, social events and video streaming.