21 day happiness challenge

21 day happiness challenge

Today I began the 21 days happiness challenge, which is backed by science and juiced up by spirituality. You can also check it out at the following address:



I’ll post the results here to share them with you.

Day one:

Write down three things that you are thankful for:

  1. Being part of a family and having friends.
  2. Having work and free time.
  3. Having a place to live, study and work.

Day two:

Perform a random act of kindness:

  1. Bought something from the grocery store and brought it to the disabled lady from the block.
  2. Spoke kindly with the women at the seminar.
  3. Asked my parents if they need something.

Day tree:

Reconnecting with an old friend.

“Ask yourself what it is that you want from your real friend. You will find there is really nothing. You just want the friendship. Friendliness is your nature. It has no motive or purpose.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Happiness challenge day 3

Happiness challenge day 3

Day four:


Day five:

Meditate in the morning.

Feeling awesome and satisfied.

Day six:

Eating with awareness. Attention on every bite.

Day seven:

Try something that you’ve never done before.

Day eight:

Reflect on the challenges from the previous days: I like the idea of this challenge and hope its effect is going to last for my entire life. Found that each one of the tasks (challenges) is profound and have a cool result on me.

Day nine:

Set aside a few minutes to breathe deeply.

Day ten:

My task today was to practice mindfulness. I was practicing that while gazing the nightfall over the city.

Day eleven:

Your task today is to practice loving kindness towards yourself and others.

Day twelve:


Day thirteen:


Day fourteen:

Panchakosha meditation.

Day fifteen:

Your task today is to give out your smile for free.

Day sixteen:

Today, your task is to take every opportunity to praise others.

Day seventeen:

So today, your task is to upgrade your listening.

Day eighteen:

Acceptance. Celebrating the imperfections day.

Day nineteen:

Today, get your cackle on… your big belly laugh rockin’… just… laugh!

Day twenty:

Your task for today is to begin to test-drive a daily meditation practice.

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