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You’ve probably seen hand-made things before. And you probably thought some of them are amazing. So authentic. Unique for their shape and dimensions. There are million dollars in revenue businesses selling hand-made stuff. There are millions of dollars in revenue businesses selling hand-made products. And it’s not all about cool mugs, necklaces and clothes. You enjoy and reread books by great writers. You cherish and remember great paintings. You appreciate beautifully made cars. You acknowledge beautifully made smart phones. And we love to inspire you…

Zorro and logo

If you have ever watched Zorro, you should probably remember how he tagged himself on everyone who dared to challenge him. He carved a “Z” into their clothes with his rapier as his hallmark. Delightful, isn’t it? Nowadays, we can see that type of branding everywhere. People proudly wear their Adidas T-shirts, Nike shoes and send messages “Sent from my iPhone”. It is of fair importantance what kind of logo you will choose. Just as people in the past could always tell when someone has come across Zorro, your logo shall emboss and remain in the minds of your future customers.

So, how can you become the Zorro of today?

Well, relax – no one needs you to learn how to handle a sword. Your mission is to keep your business at your best, ours – to create a logo that instantly links one’s attention to your company and calls up associations with an outstanding, trust-worthy, powerful and innovative business! A symbol of professionalism? Of innovation? You decide what your message is going to be…

…the logo is just an instrument to spread that message

To make the people wonder. To make the people ask. To make them remember you. The logo is always there. It’s always on the top of your building in New York. It’s always on your business card. It’s always on your website. It constantly communicates with people. Don’t you think it should be marvelous?

Such as artists hand-make unique stuff, pianists hand-play great compositions and painters hand-paint outstanding paintings, we from FRAXYS hand-design awe-inspiring logos.

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