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Without any doubt, the world is moving towards high-tech, especially mobile or even wearable devices. But what do we really need them for? Simply to entertain, inform and make our life easier! But a device would only be a bunch of plastic and metal if not for one special and exquisite component.The software!

The mobile apps are the fuel of all devices we are going to use in future.

How are they working actually? Apps are developed to run on various platforms, in the case of the mobile devices known as mobile operating systems. Apple’s operating system, for example, is called iOS, Google’s platform is Android, Microsoft uses Windows Phone. Each platform is different, some are open source (can be modified by any developer), other’s are rather commercial (iOS) and allow changes made only by their own developers.

Let’s look at it from a business’ perspective.

Two reasons why should you care about mobile app development:

  • 1. There is a new trend, the so-called beacon technology, which is shortening the boundaries between online and offline in the retail and advertising sectors. Apple has already integrated this technology in the iOS, Android is expected to follow. In the coming years, Wi-Fi will not only be an internet access source. Soon your restaurant or shop will be able to detect any mobile device and trigger a location-based action such as check-in on a social media or, for example, “push notification”. In 2015 the location-based Wi-Fi services will be used to create smart retails and offer the right information at right place. That is why most app developers are now looking to a boost of businesses battling for the attention of the customers.
  • Officially, over 20% of the retail e-commerce sales in 2014 have been carried out from a smart phone or a tablet. Analysts believe this positive trend will continue over the next four years as more and more consumers are getting familiar with the so called m-commerce. Using a mobile phone for transactions, rather than debit or credit cards will also become more common with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Mobile app developers will be able to build mobile apps for these needs, without the need of physical debit/credit card.

For someone with just basic technological understanding, that probably sounds exciting but rather confusing. If you want to dig into that matter but want to stay up to date and apply the newest technologies to your businness or venture, call us! We will work out the best solutions until the abundance swallows up everything and we have to dig in again… to develop the future.

It’s hard to keep up with all those trends, isn’t it? There are so many things you don’t understand, but still want to apply to your business or venture? Well, you can count on us!

We from Fraxys have a wide range of services in regards to development. Some of them are:

Web Applications, Mobile applications, WordPress & Opencart plugins, Laravel, CRM, ERP Systems, Desktop applications, PHP solutions for CMS systems as WordPress and Drupal.  Web service applications, Android based applications. Embedded projects with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Bluetooth LE.

…so we strongly believe we can cover a big slice of your business needs. Make sure to drop us a line through the button below, so we can discuss doing business together.

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