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Several words about the shared presentations page

I’ll post shared Presentations on Arts and Design on this page. Essential information of the Creative part, as well as, the Business and Administrative sides of the crafts. In a way to help & assist the development of young professionals. Аnd make it easier for them, to find the right way, of practicing their chosen or favorite occupation or hobby. And possibly earn a steady income out of it.

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Shared Presentations


Some subjects covered by Education and Resources > Shared Presentations are: 3D Motion Graphics, Web Design, Branding, Media Campaigns. Also App Development, CGI, Digital Photo and Video, Post Production, VJing, Copyrighting, Online Marketing, SEO, Studios etc. The practice proved, it is needed for an Artist to market his / her content in various ways. If he or she really wants to be successful. That is why business presentations for Arts and Design are an essential part of the career itself.

At the following link-card you’ll find the page with the first presentation on 3D:

My intention is to post here links to some of the presentations I make. Arts, Design and all of the topics of this website – The first one, that is published on the card above is a presentation, that I made, for approximately two weeks. With several revisions and an English version. It has all the info you’ll need to get an overall idea of what they call 3D. Plus some links to example movies with 3D animation, history of 3D, vendors, etc. things you can read on the presentation’s page.

Presentations resources

Another useful resource about how to give a presentation would be this article at WikiHow on How to give a presentation.

Also if you want to go professional with presentations, or at least level up your skills, check the website of 356 labs – Presentation Creation and Outsourcing
Presentation Trainings or their 356 labs’ facebook page. I’ve been their student in few seminars and truly recommend you pay them a visit.

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