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Website Design and Web Development (incl. Content Management & Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization – SEO)

The yin and yang of building a website?

You would say Yin and Yang are two forces working against eachother, right? Now try to imagine the contrary – as of them working together! White represents exposure, light and visibility, and just like design it exposes authenticity shown as a specific combination of visual elements. On the other hand black marks the structure the same way the development holds the whole content together but naturally in a less obvious way. Here we praise both the creativity of the web developers and the one of the designers equally.

Website design UI / UX

Website design – User Interface and User Experience

Are you going to accept reality and take your business to the next level?

No matter what they tell you, people are superficial. The fastest cars are fascinating both men and women, who carry around the flattest smartphones and the most popular brands. If we are so predictable, then why bother about advertisement? Even if you really offer a qualitative service or the bread you bake indeed has a fascinating taste, people would never get to the point of actually feeling it themselves. The trick is: Promote your product at its best and create that sense of excitement before anyone has tried it.

Your website is the sale before the actual sale

All successful sales people know that they need to establish a connection of trust and affinity with their potential client. They need to “sell” themselves before they even start talking about the product or service. The same way your website needs to “sell” itself before it can sell anything for you. And what makes a website worth earning a visitor’s admiration ? Charming design, simplicity and functionality – key elements we from Fraxys strongly focus on with our work. Click here to get in touch with us so we can discuss how our Ying and Yang teams can fulfill both your design and development needs.

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